Family has always been my anchor. My wife and I live in Trempealeau with both of our children. We like to camp up North, bike the local trails and scenic roads, hike Perrot State Park, snowshoe the bluffs, play games, and just spend time together.

     Community, the concept of giving back and the act of paying it forward are important to me. Over the years I have been involved in several  organizations. My favorites include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, Galesville Area Chamber of Commerce, The Gale Ettrick Trempealeau Educational Foundation, Garden of Eden Preservation Society, Old Main Historical and Community Arts   Center, and Zion Lutheran Church.

     The concept of planning has always been of interest to me. Starting with the end in mind and seeing a project through from start to finish is rewarding to me. I am a firm believer in saving for the future, yet I also realize the importance of enjoying the now. In   addition to my 401k and other investment accounts, I own rental property and other real estate. I believe that it makes sense to diversify and generally have a buy and hold strategy. It is important to be sure all these areas are working together to achieve your goals.

     As a career financial advisor, it has been awesome to work with so many folks that I have known for so long. In addition, it has been interesting to meet so many new people along the way.

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